3D type Trellick

For this project I had to choose 1 subject within 12 others, 1 way to show it and if I wanted it to be a print, digital or signaletic project. I chose "Brutalism - Typography - Print". Quite quickly I decided that I wanted to create a 3D typeface using laser cut technique. Thus I draw a really simple matrix in order to write every upper case of a geometrical sans-serif. Each letter is made up of 4 layers of Plexiglas stacked one onto another. Each layer has one part of the very simple form generated through the matrix of the alphabet. With very basic forms I was able to create for almost every letter one or two alternatives. As well as this brochure I created this fictional sign, showing the use of my typeface. The idea is that every brutalist building should have its own sign with the name and the date laser cut on it.

210 × 260 mm (brochure)
80 × 110 mm (letter) / 960 × 410 mm (sign)

Supervised by Gilles Gavillet, Jonathan Hares & Aurèle Sack

This typeface was first drawn by hand. For this project, I was completely free to draw any kind of typeface. I wanted to create a serif font. Then I vectorised my drawings and decided to radicalize the serifs. The typeface has become kind of a Didot revival. I illustrated my typeface with a poem of Victor Hugo as well as photographs from the talented Matthieu Venot.

217 × 302 mm

Supervised by Ian Party