Comme des frères

For this project we had to choose a road movie in order to create a poster. I picked the movie from French director Hugo Gélin "Comme des Frères". The aim was to select significant datas from that movie and then interpret them into infographics. Mine illustrates the timeline with all the flashbacks that occur during the whole movie. The final product is folded like a map.

148 × 210 mm (folded) / 594 × 841 mm

Supervised by Angelo Benedetto

This is an atypical editorial project. The purpose of the course was to create 2 posters: one with the whole wikipedia article of a random artist and one with only pictures of the same artist. Both posters had to more or less match. I picked Rihanna. I collected all my tests in one raw research book.

841 × 1189 mm / 140 × 200 mm (research book)

Supervised by Diego Bontognali
Plastic Animals

This is a poster made in 2015 during a workshop with Swiss designer Dafi Kühne. The aim of the week was to use letter press printing. The theme was "Collection". We decided to create a poster showing the plastic animals most kids collect.

550 × 750 mm I teamed up with Mélanie Blanc
Supervised by Dafi Kühne
CIO 100

This poster was created to celebrate the centenary of the Comité International Olympique in Lausanne. It was made under the supervision of Ludovic Balland. 

895 × 1280 mm

Supervised by Ludovic Balland
Series Maxim Vengerov

Variation of posters using elements from an existing one.

420 × 594 mm

Supervised by Violène Pont