Tourists in Argentina

This project was realised during Summer University at écal. Within 10 days in Buenos Aires, the aim was to collect datas on tourists visiting the capital. These are the results from tourists interviewed on one of the major street.

80 × 180 mm

Supervised by Jonas Wandeler
Wine pictograms

This project was held in collaboration with an agriculture school. The aim was to create pictograms that can put an image on the specific terms we use in wine tasting. Each member of my class had 10 words to illustrate.

Supervised by Angelo Benedetto
Ernest Hemingway

The aim of this project was an introduction to researching and analysing while creating a project. We were each given a short story of Ernest Hemingway and had to make small exercises of dissect entirely the text. The objective of the first brochure was to remove sentences and words until findind the one word that summarises the whole story. The second object was a poster, same exercice but with images. Finally the second brochure was a simplification in drawing.

140 × 297 mm / 594 × 841 mm / 148 × 210 mm

Supervised by Jonas Wandeler

We were asked to merge to famous brands to create a new one, keeping the strong point of each brand. I decided to try and merge Canon and Nikon, in order to create GANIKA. Here's the result with a fictional logo, animated logo, manifesto and poster. GANIKA comes from "gaso" in Japanese, which means "pixel". Then I added the first syllable of Canon and Nikon. The whole identity is based on the pixels that create any image. In order to illustrate the brand I picked some pictures from National Geographic.

210 × 270 mm / 841 × 1189 mm

Supervised by Jonas Wandeler