Pathologies is the summary of one and a half year of investigations about book collections and personal libraries. This research began with the matter of the impact of a book cover on its inclusion inside of a collection. Then this investigation carried on with a thorough review of the book cover’s design for great classical collections. Finnally this study focused on the act of collectionning. How do book lovers behave? What are their habits? This dissertation introduces 13 profiles, halfway between fiction and reality, which illustrate the quirks and disorders of these collectors. 

130 × 200 mm / 180 × 240 mm To see the book entirely
Supervised by Alexandru Balgiu

The aim of this project was to find a personal way to communicate a specific type of architecture. As I am a huge fan of Netherlands, I decided to work on the housing developed in Vinex spaces. Vinex is a town-planning policy created at the end of the 80’s in order to build new living areas fastly. Unlike other countries Netherlands tend to build single houses instead of block of flats. For the development I rapidly became fascinated by the way streets and houses are built in Netherlands. I spent hours looking at google maps and streetview because everything from above as well as from the street is so well constructed. The main inspiration for this project was the amazing book "Vinex Atlas" designed by Joost Grootens. The text in my edition actually comes from it. In addition I create a small colour chart which represents a mix of colours of brick as well as flower.

214 × 300 mm / 148 × 210 mm (colour chart)

Supervised by Nicole Udry

The purpose of this project was to create a magazine using the theme FAME. ZAZZLES is a magazine which mixes cats and lifestyle. We decided to explore fame into cats world, with the different breeds and the way people decide to have a cat farming. For this project, we took some pictures ourselves and asked some of our talented photographer friends. This magazine was printed in Indigo and bound by bubu, in Mönchaldorf, Switzerland.

205 × 290 mm I teamed up with Mélanie Blanc
Supervised by François Rappo

This typeface was first drawn by hand. For this project, I was completely free to draw any kind of typeface. I wanted to create a serif font. Then I vectorised my drawings and decided to radicalize the serifs. The typeface has become kind of a Didot revival. I illustrated my typeface with a poem of Victor Hugo as well as photographs from the talented Matthieu Venot.

217 × 302 mm

Supervised by Ian Party

The purpose of this project was to create a photobook using the theme A FIRST TIME. We decided to illustrate the world of golf and how a beginner might feel in this particular atmosphere. This project would not have been possible without the precious help of the Golf and Country Club of Neuchâtel. For this project, we took all the pictures ourselves. In order to show our pictures the best way possible, we decided to create a flatbook. This book was printed in Indigo and bound by bubu, in Mönchaldorf, Switzerland.

205 × 270 mm I teamed up with Mélanie Blanc
Supervised by François Rappo
Le monde automatique

This is a workshop project led by Ludovic Balland. The whole class worked during 4 days to create an alternative newspaper. Part of the group worked on the layout while the other designed illustrative typographies.

375 × 520 mm

Supervised by Ludovic Balland

This project is a fictional magazine created for a lesson with Harry Bloch at écal. The purpose of this edition was to offer the reading of 5 texts in English, French or German with their translation in French. LINEAR is an international magazine, which guides you every month through new litterary texts from the 19th and 20th century.

230 × 297 mm

Supervised by Harry Bloch
Twelve selected works of Julien vallee

For this project we were asked to create any kind of color chart. I decided to create a repertoire of all the colors used in twelve projects of graphic designer Julien Vallée.

240 × 300 mm

Supervised by Guy Meldem
Winter is coming

This book is dedicated to the television series Game of Thrones. Left pages of the edition tell the story of the death of Ned Stark and right pages tell the coming of George RR Martin in Neuchâtel for the 14th edition of NIFFF (Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival). 

180 × 250 mm

Supervised by Robert Huber

The purpose of the edition was to show Iraq in four different chapters using only 100 pictures taken from Google Images. 

196 × 260 mm

Supervised by Harry Bloch

A collection of illustrated and type patterns.

196 × 280 mm

Supervised by Guy Meldem